QuantumOS 1.0 Beta 1 for the Pixel and Pixel XL

May 5, 2017

     QuantumOS is designed and developed with one simple goal in mind - to enhance the Android experience without sacrificing stability and fluidity. Today we are happy to announce, and release, the first beta build of QuantumOS 1.0. The beta build today is meant to a baseline for our OS. It contains very few major design changes and features. While this build might not pack a lot of visual changes, the build has various under-the-hood optimizations and bug fixes over stock Android that should provide users with an enjoyable experience. QuantumOS 1.0 also comes with GMS (Google Mobile Services) included, so there is no need for side-loading Google applications.

     QuantumOS 1.0 is available for personal installation today for the Pixel and Pixel XL. If you notice any bugs or issues when running the OS, please share them via our Bug Report Form so our developer team can fix them for the next beta. Support for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P will be added in a future beta release. Finally, we plan to release our next beta build of QuantumOS 1.0 in the second half of May. That build will have numerous visual changes and features.


Below we have highlighted some of the key features in QuantumOS 1.0 Beta Build 1.


The latest and greatest

QuantumOS 1.0 is built on top of Android 7.1.2 and ships with the April 1, 2017 security patch.

Quantum Launcher

Quantum Launcher complements QuantumOS beautifully. Quantum Launcher is a stable, responsive, launcher that takes full advantage of of the latest Android Nougat features such as app shortcuts and notification count badges. Similar to the Pixel Launcher, Quantum Launcher supports five apps in its hot bar and allows for swiping up on the hot bar to access all your apps. Additionally, Quantum Launcher supports various gesture shortcuts such as swiping right to access Google or swiping down to access your notifications.

Feature 3

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