QuantumOS 1.0

More customizable. More powerful. More productive. More Secure.

With our first release of QuantumOS, we went back to the drawing board and set out to design an operating system that is more customizable, powerful, productive, and secure than stock Android without loosing the key aspects of stock Android that make it so appealing.


The Buttons section in Settings allows you to add, remove, and reorder items in your navigation bar. Additionally, you have the freedom to program the double-tap and long press actions for each item in your navigation menu. 

The Gestures section in Settings allows you to choose from the various available gestures for your device. Gestures include, but are not limited to, double-tap to wake, lift to wake, swipe down on fingerprint scanner for notifications, three-finger screenshot.

The Status bar section in Settings allows you to control what icons appear in your status bar.


In terms of audio, the built-in Audio Tuner app allows you to easily control your music by allowing you to choose from various preset equalizer profiles or create your own. Additionally, you can choose from seven different Bluetooth audio codecs to optimize the output audio for your Bluetooth devices.

In terms of battery, various kernel, framework, RAM, and hardware optimizations result in unmatched battery life.

In terms of performance,  Android Oreo's system optimizations, in addition the Quantum Services app and hardware acceleration result in the maximum system efficiency and speed.


Various built-in applications such as the Quantum Music, Quantum Gallery, Quantum Camera, Quantum Recorder, and Quantum Files apps allow for the optimal integration with the operating system and your Google account resulting in the increased productivity.

With Google services and applications built-in, you can rest assured your smartphone or tablet has full Google compatibility right from the start. 


QuantumOS 1.0 is built on the latest version of Android, Android 8.1, with the December 5, 2017 security patch level. In addition to all the security patches provided by Google, AOSP, Qualcomm, and The Linux Foundation, we are constantly patching security vulnerabilities we find via Quantum Vulnerabilities and Exposures (QVE) fixes.

You'll always get the latest updates. Free.

QuantumOS updates are free. And they’re available to download wirelessly on your smartphone or tablet the moment they’re released. Your device even alerts you when it’s time to get the latest version. So you won’t miss out on the amazing features in new updates.

QuantumOS Beta Software Program

Help make the next release of QuantumOS our best yet. As a member of the Quantum Beta Software Program, you can take part in shaping Quantum software by test-driving pre-release versions and letting us know what you think. Find out more here.



  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL
  • Pixel 2
  • Pixel 2 XL


  • Pixel C

Switching to QuantumOS is free and easy.

See how to download and install QuantumOS here.